Watch The OurKidsCode Webinar – MakeCode Arcade

If you missed last night’s Webinar on MakeCode Arcade this is now available to view. Pam O’Brien (TUS, Code Week EU) introduced MakeCode Arcade and some examples of games she has created. We will be making some of her video lessons available to OurKidsCode clubs. Watch this space for more details.

Following on from the webinar, Pam O’Brien has also shared resources for the project. The Powerpoint presentations for the project can be found at Pam has also created some video resources working through the instructions to create the games and microbit applications that were developed as part of the project.  You can find these videos at  Additional videos covering all of the games and applications created will be uploading in the coming weeks. 

Finally, if clubs would like to create a Christmas themed game using MakeCode Arcade there are 4 videos giving instructions at