Information for families

What is OurKidsCode?

OurKidsCode is a fun way for parents of primary aged children to explore creative computing together with their kids. We are building a network and community of family coding clubs across Ireland. Families can sign-up for a Taster Workshop to see how it works. If we spark an interest, ongoing support is available for families who are interested in starting an OurKidsCode club.

How to get involved?

First step is to Register for a fully funded Taster Workshop so you can experience how OurKidsCode works. No previous coding or computing experience is necessary. Families just need to bring a laptop and some enthusiasm! There is no charge for families to take part – however availability is very limited so don’t miss the opportunity!

Tell me more about OurKidsCode

  • It’s not a drop and go activity! Parents and kids work together in a family team.
  • It’s a safe environment for parents and kids to be creative, playful, informed, engaged, curious and empowered in their use of technology.
  • Workshops and MeetUps are very social! It’s an enjoyable way to get to know local families with kids with shared interests.
  • Workshops are designed to be inclusive and accessible. Initial workshops are led by a facilitator, with families (kids included!) gradually taking over (this is optional).   
  • An expert free zone! No technical experience necessary!

Further Information for Families


OurKidsCode is a research project based in Trinity College Dublin. We help parents of primary aged children get involved in their kids STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) education, by supporting them to learn together with their kids. Working on fun creative computing projects together, families are supported to set up an OurKidsCode Club with other like-minded families in their local community.


Each OurKidsCode MeetUp is structured around a fun project with jobs for all the family to work together to make a physical game or artefact to play with. Once families have completĀ­ed a Taster Workshop and would like to start a club, OurKidsCode will provide support both in-person and remotely. We will allocate a facilitator to your group for a few weeks to come to your BCP venue to get your group started. Each MeetUp follows the same structure, Setup, Warm-up, Create, Share, Reflect and Plan. Everyone in the club plays a part in the running and organising of MeetUps. Kids particularly like being in charge! Usually clubs need the facilitator’s support for around 3 MeetUps.


We are currently funded to support families who want to start a club in their local BCP community venue. You can check for your nearest designated BCP (Broadband Connection Point) here. If you have completed a Taster Workshop and are unsure whether your group is continuing, please email and we will help you.


OurKidsCode clubs meet weekly when they are working with the facilitator. After this period each new OurKidsCode club agrees to meet regularly for around 2 hours at a time. Some families decide to meet weekly, others monthly. Some clubs meet straight after school, some in the evenings and others on a Saturday. It’s up to families to decide together what suits them best (and availability of the venue!).


Our project is aimed at parents who have said they would like to support their kids ongoing computing education but feel they lack the knowledge or skills to do so. Parents and kids working together creates an atmosphere of fun, teamwork and delight when the project is completed!