OurKidsCode Webinar – MakeCode Arcade with Pam O’Brien

For all the fans of Minecraft, Roblox and games classics such as Donkey Kong and Pacman join our Webinar on Wednesday 6th December at 8pm and see how you might design and develop your own arcade game. 

Our Webinar will feature Pam O’Brien who is a lecturer in Information Technology at TUS and the Ireland Ambassador of Code Week Ireland and passionate about making coding accessible for all.

Pam will be discussing her SFI project providing learning resources and projects for Microsoft MakeCode Arcade. MakeCode Arcade is a code editor to build retro arcade games and Pam will introduce examples of games, developed in MakeCode Arcade, within in the context of ‘Sustainable Development Goals’. There will be an emphasis on not just the coding itself but the importance of the design process in developing a game.

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