OurKidsCode Clubs – Sharing Projects with the Club Network

Ever discovered a great coding and craft project that your club has really enjoyed? Why not share it with our other clubs? Sharing projects, with our national club network, helps save time in researching club projects. Chances are, if you’ve had fun, another club will do too and hopefully they’ll share one back!

The OurKidsCode club Bective Future Coders, in Meath, have been leading the way in sharing their projects with other clubs.  As an active and engaged club they were rewarded with trialing some new kit for OurKidsCode – The Kitronik Move Motor for micro:bit – which is a great introduction to coding for robotics.

As part of the OurKidsCode Slack community they shared 2 projects and these were used in our fantastic OurKidsCode clubs – Rossmore Scratchers and Boher Bytes in Tipperary. All 3 clubs loved these and have been sharing projects and ideas back with Bective Future Coders.  Thanks everyone.

Here are Bective Future Coders 2 project sheets – Pac Man Ghost and Race Cart. Such excitement in the videos they sent us! 😊

If you would your club to be part of our Slack community to share and discover new projects email contact@ourkidscode.ie