Stakeholder Questionnaire


We aim to help families enjoy, understand and encourage creative computing. We do this by offering family workshops where parents and children collaborate and benefit from being alongside other families. We are asking individuals who are assisting us in rolling-out this programme to help us to scale and sustain our activities and ensure we are making progress towards our aims.  

To do this we would like to invite you to share your views on the programme and your expertise through an online questionnaire. This is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme. We will ask in the questionnaire if you would be willing to give us more of your time and allow us to conduct an interview with you to discuss the issues in more depth. 

Participation is voluntary. Please read the declaration below, and then if you are happy to participate under these conditions, please provide your consent 


  • I am 18 years or older and am competent to provide consent. 
  • I have read, or had read to me, a document providing information about this research and this consent form. I have had the opportunity to ask questions and all my questions have been answered to my satisfaction and understand the description of the research that is being provided to me. 
  • I agree that my data is used for scientific purposes and I have no objection that my data is published in scientific publications in a way that does not reveal my identity. 
  • I understand that if I make illicit activities known, these will be reported to appropriate authorities. 
  • I understand that I may refuse to answer any question and that I may withdraw at any time without penalty. 
  • I understand that if the results of the research have been published, then it will no longer be possible to withdraw 
  • I understand that I may stop electronic recordings at any time, and that I may at any time, even subsequent to my participation have such recordings destroyed. 
  • I understand that no recordings will be replayed in any public forum or made available to any audience other than the current research team.  
  • I freely and voluntarily agree to be part of this research study, though without prejudice to my legal and ethical rights. 
  • I understand that personal information about me, including the transfer of this personal information about me outside of the EU, will be protected in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.  
  • I have received a copy of this agreement. 

OurKidsCode project agreement of responsibility

The nature and aim of the OurKidsCode project, the procedures to be undertaken and any risks that may be involved are explained in the Information sheet for participants. We have offered to answer any questions you may have. We believe that the participant understands our explanation and has freely given informed consent. 


If you are happy to participate under these conditions, please click on the ‘Consent’ button to proceed to the questionnaire